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A Special Story about HOPE
The follow up Email
The following words in which you are about to read are the words from the recipient of a recent custom order. I found her story to be so heartwarming, and so inspiring that I asked Katharina if she would care if I shared her words with the world,and both she, and her sister Kristin were delighted to do so. One of the last requests Katharina asked to have painted on her didgeridoo was a portrait of her sister, because her sister was the only one she had, and she means the world to her. If you have not been already, please visit the documentation of this project to see how it all began, then come back here to appreciate Katharina's letter.

Kristin, from Germany
(Katharina's sister)
Hi Sara, oh i have to say sorry so much. I would write you since a so long time. I really hope you will forgive me. So many things happened here and i was so busy in the last time. But i would tell you a little bit about my digeridoo. It arrived four days before my birthday. A really good time. And i had some problems with the german customs. I had to went to the station and fill out a lot of letters and they would see what it is and from what land and so on. It was typical german. But then i could hold it in my hand and it was wonderful. The woman in the office saw it when we had the first look and she was impressed. Sara it's the most beautiful digeridoo i ever seen!!!!!! My first trough was i need it around me the whole day. And i was a little bit scarry that i could damage it because it looks so fragile. Not like wood , it's more like anything other . It's simple amazing. So i drove home and i can play it only a little bit. I heart the sound but i'm not good enough to play anything more than some sounds. And i had a look at the digeridoo for some days and than i decided that i have to learn to play it. I need some time to find a course for that. But there is one here and so i start two month ago. we met each other two days every week and it's a lot of fun. It's really difficult and i think i need some time but i will be better with every day. I have a friend and he was in australia for 6 weeks and he play digeridoo since some years and he met an old aborigine there and he teach them and it was amazing when he came back. So we have a meeting as much as possible and we try to play together . It's a great time for me. I don't know if i told you about my sister. She had an bad accident two years ago and she was in an coma for over 7 month and then she woke up and she have to learn everything new. She wonderful and she fight very hard for every little thing she can do. Her main problem is that she lost her short time memory. It's hard for herself and for the people around. She forget everything. When i visit her at´my parents place she is very happy to see me and when i go out in the room next door and i came back 5 minutes later she don't know that i was there before. I showed her the digeridoo with her picture and she was so happy about it. And it was so amazing because she know it since today. It was the first thing that she didn't forget!! Everytime when i talk to her or visit her she asked for the digeridoo with her picture. You can't imagine what it means to me. It was so amazing. I would have the picture on the digeridoo to have the feeling that shes near and she's the part of my life that i need to be happy but i could never imagine that it is so important for her. So it becames a symbol for her coming back. The next thing that happened here was that my mum became an ovarial cancer and so we had to start to fight against the next . It means to me that i go to work and than i drive to my sister and my mum and we manage evry day new. I'm sure we will get over this but my time with the digeridoo every week is the only time at the moment i have for myself. it's the time when i can forget everything and do anything for me. So you see it's a more important thing for me than i ever thought. And i can't say enough thanks to you. You gave me a way to survive. And i really hope you will write me sometimes again. And i promise i will write back soon. I wish you a wonderful day . We had some beautiful autum days here with a lot of sun. It's a fantastic time in the year. I wish you the same. It must be very inspirit i think. My best wishes for a wonderful week. Love Katharina from Germany