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Didgeridoos by Moondrop
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Handcrafted PVC didgeridoos 2

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Item # 0007
51" x 2"
"Autum Vibes" Inspired by warm reminiscence of the JT Didgefest and it's growing family (tree) of friends ~ when all gathered in one area, with one common love, the energy radiates with vivid color. This didj is absolutely full of Love, Strength, and wonderful vibes!
Thanks Hunter, I'm SO happy this didj is going to you because you play a major role in the inspiration behind this piece!

Item # 0008
51" x 1.5" Key of C#
"Turtle and Frog"
This is a happy little didj with a couple of my favorite little creatures, a turtle on one end and a frog on the other, with a nice little whirling design in the center. Very playful indeed.

Item #0010
"Holy FISH!!!"
60" key of Bb
Brighten up your didge collection with this colorful, low droner that will have you shouting "holy FISH!" upon hearing what comes out the other end.
$69 + $10 shipping.

Item # one after 11, but not 12
50" x 1.5" perfect C# drone
"Spider Plant"
You're eyes will never run out of places to go on this didj! Plays in the key of C#, so crisp and clean. Just a beauty!