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Didgeridoos by Moondrop
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Handcrafted PVC didgeridoos 3

Please email me with any questions, comments, or sound requests.

Item #0011
53" x 1.5" almost a B, borders on shrap of B and flat of C
"Swim Fishy swim"
Nice little fishy, joyfully swimming in the sea. This didj has a deep resonant drone and will bring you endless hours of didgeridoo fun.
$49 + $9 shipping

Item #0013
51/5" x 1.5" just sharp of C
This cool liite turtle dude is just a hanging out underneath the sunflower...safest way to tan! My very happy heart was poured into this piece, and I hope it will go to someone who loves it as I do.
$55 + $9 shipping

Item #0014
58.5" x 1.5" perfect key of Bb
"Center of Attention"
Beware little lizard, as all eyes are on you, nestled alone in this forest of owls...whooo whoooooooo. This didj has a nice low drone, great for growling and creating a very haunting, eerie resonance that will keep your preditors at bay.

Item #0015
"Bubblicious" Measuring just 44", similar in length to the "Kidgeridoos", this didj plays fast, and in the higher key of Eb. It would be suitable for a learner, (because it is easy to play) who really wants a great looking didj, or anyone who loves the higher, fast playing didgeridoos. It has some really funky artwork that means absolutely nothing. But cool to look at.
$65 + $7 shipping

Item #18
54" x 1.5" sharp of B, but not quite a C
This snake wears such a beautiful skin, and rests between two decorative borders, giving this didj a nice visual appeal. The drone has a nice low, rich tone, and is super easy to play, either slow and meditative, or fast and rhythmic.
$59 + $9 shipping

Thank you so much for sticking around while my pages load! This is all for the PVC's, with the exception of my 'KIDGERIDOOS'. Follow the links in the menu above to view my eucalyptus didges and my kidgeridoos.

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