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Didgeridoos by Moondrop
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Genuine Eucalyptus Didgeridoos
"Feel the Termite Grooves....Baby!"
Looking for a truely unique eucalyptus didgeridoo? I don't have a very large selection of pre-painted diges here, due to the fact that they sell about as fast as I can paint them, but I do have a few for you to browse. If you don't see something you like, feel free to ask me to paint something for you. I'm always happy to work with whatever your request may be, from the key of the didj, to the extent of the artwork, and I will even work within your own price range. Just send me an email and we can go from there.

*Another option*
If you would like to hand pick your own unpainted didgeridoo, in the size and key that you want, and have me custom paint it for you, you can give the
a visit. They would be happy to find you the perfect didj, suited to your needs, at a fair price. They would then ship it directly to me, and I would work with you on the perfect, custom design. That way, you would be getting
exactly what you want.
email me
with any inquiries.

Item # E0
*First didj painting of 2005!*
54", key of C# - 40 cents, first toot G - 30cents, 2nd toot Eb
For the first year ever, I have painted my "year's first" to be offered for sale, rather than as a custom order. This didj features 12 different, very detailed eyeballs of all different shapes, colors and sizes, dontated to me from friends at, all lurking out of the woodwork, surrounded by some fantastic artwork. This didj not only is something you will NEVER see anyplace else, it's really a great player as well. It has a nice robust, full bodied, drone, with good harmonics, great vocals, and 2 easy to reach toots. Please email me for more information, and feel free to ask for a sound sample. Click here to see another photo which showcases each section of this didj a little better.
$329 + $20 shipping

Item # E1
55", 15 cents flat of C#, first toot about 50 cents sharp of F#
"Big Blue"
With a bell measuring 3.5" - 4", this loud droning hooter offers very nice vocals with decent backpressure. The artwork simply adds a touch of finesse to the already beautiful contrasting wood grain in this piece. Please inquire with any questions, and as always, feel free to ask for a sound sample.
$275 + $20 shipping

Item #E2
45" with a 4" bell, drones in a perfect Eb.
Man I LOVE this didj!! One of my all time favorite players, not an easy one to part with. It's a nice punchy fast playing little ripper. It was my first euc higher than a C, and it taught me quite a bit about fast playing, as well as circular breathing. It was passed along to me to paint and resell to perhaps help aid in my JT fund, but I loved it so much that I held on to it for (ahem) a couple of years. It had a small crack in the thinnest part of the bell wall, even before it came into my hands, but has been more than adequately repaired, and quite well seasoned since. This didj gets a lot of play and is not an easy one to let go of. The artwork is minimal coverage, but just perfect for the absolutely beautiful marbling in the two toned wood grain. "Spidey" was a visitor I had last fall, 2004, who presented her beauty for me to enjoy for 5 days, while I observed her, and her wonderful egg sac she left behind. She was gone before the frost, but her eggs are soon to hatch. I thought this was the perfect time to bring back her memory on this wonderful stick.
$235 includes shipping.

Item #100
"Crocodile Blue"
This is my 100th unique painting of 2001! This is a massively heavy didj with a very deep voice and an awesome resonance.

Item #E4
"Untitled" Besides being a very wonderful player with a beautiful sound quality, this is quite possibly the most beautiful piece I have ever created......This is the first painting of 2002, and was absolutely a labour of love. I am torn between keeping it and selling it, hence forth the price.
Please click here for a full page layout of this piece.
$299 + $15 shipping.

Item #E5
a hair under 55"
"King Cobra" When I saw this stick, with the beautiful contrasting wood grain, I knew I had to paint something to compliment it's natural beauty. Playing off every twist and bump in the wood, this beautiful, life-like King Cobra stands at full attention. This didj plays extremely well with a nice rich resonance, in the key of C.

Please check back, as I am working very hard this year to make available to you, selections of painted hardwood and agave didgeridoos, as well as eucalyptus. Due to the fact that my didgeridoos sell about as fast as I can paint them, and most of my time is spent working on custom orders, (in which I am working on a specific design for a specific individual), I have not been able to keep this page stocked. With some extra effort, support from my friends, and a lot of hard work, I hope to have more available soon. Sorry for the wait!