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Didgeridoos by Moondrop
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Handcrafted PVC Didgeridoos
Musical Art
There's no better words to describe them. I have three pages of didgeridoos that have been carefully handcrafted from the very durable, non weathering PVC. A great deal of craftsmanship goes into the transformation of a hollow plastic tube into a beautiful, musical work of art, that pleases both the audio and the visual senses. It is my hopes that you can feel the love and the energy put into each individual piece. If you find something you love, then I would love for you to have it.

A beeswax mouthpiece will be included with each didgeridoo, applied at time of purchase.

My "sticks" come in 2 different diameters, and all different sizes, ranging from 40-60 inches. The smaller of the diameters, 1.5", are designed to be played without the beeswax for your own low maintainance reasons, but the choice of wax or not is always yours.

My didgeridoos are not priced according to size, but rather according to the amount of time and thought that went into each individual piece, and of course, how much I like them ;)
So, sit back and take your time browsing, as my pages load a little slow.....and come back as often as you like. Be sure to email me with any questions, or for sound samples, if you would like to hear any one of them. My didges come and go quite often and the selection is rapidly changeing.

If you see something you like, simply email me with the item # and I will send you the payment information.

Pay me securely with your Visa or MasterCard through PayPal!


Item # 0001
51.75" x 2"
"A Little Peacocky"
This particular piece is an absolutely astonishing work or art, and perhaps the most ornate didj I've ever completed to this date. It all stated as a curved line without a plan, and as it started to create a vision in my eyes, it began to look "A Little Peacocky". So I brought it to life from there, and there you have it.
$130 + $10 shipping

Item #0003
60" x 2" key of Bb
Inspired by the warm autumn foilage, while in the mood mood of the earth, the deep bassy resonance of this didge really brings this design to life. They say "if the earth made a sound while being formed, this is the sound it would make".
$69 + $10 shipping

Item #0004
47.5" x 1.5" key of D
"Polly's musical Perch"
Bright and lively, this didj makes me want to be in the tropics.
$49 + $9 shipping

Item #0005
54.25" x 2" side of B
"Dreaming a little happy into your life"
Spring is coming, and I'm a very happy person to be painting today...dreaming, painting, dreaming of the enormous sunflower patch I am going to plant. It's all just "HAPPY".

Item # 5 1/2
50" x 1.5" Key of C
"Passion Flower"
Enveloped by a field of mystical passion flowers, this beautiful didgeridoo drones as pretty as it looks.
$55 + $9 shipping

Item #0006
44.5" x 1.5" Key of Eb
"Jolly Green Kokopelli"
Need I say more?
$49 + $9 shipping