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Didgeridoos by Moondrop
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Dan Moi
Jaw Harps
Dan Moi is the name of the Jew's harp from the Vietnamese mountain tribe, the "Hmong". It is handcrafted from brass and unique in being very simple to play. It gives a rewarding sound full of brilliant overtones. In Italy, they call it Scaccia Pensieri, which means "Makes your mind drift away". The instrument will lead you to travel through a magical forest of vibrations, overtones, rhythm and breath. This travel is meditation.
Oh Man! I bought one of these for myself, because I love the sound of the jaw harp, but I just can't play the hard cold steel of the traditional jew's harp against my teeth. Dan Mois are different, in that, they are played against your lips, rather than your teeth, and they sustain their resonance much longer than a traditional steel Jew's harp.....Very Very easy to play!! It was love at first twang for me! I was turned on to the Dan Moi by a very dear friend of mine, and now I want EVERYONE to have one!

The Dan Mois I have come in basically two different sizes, standard, and bass. They all come in their own colorful case, which protects them, and makes them easy to carry around wherever you go. Pull it out and give it a twang whenever you feel "froggy", and watch the heads turn!