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Didgeridoos by Moondrop
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Moondrop's Jewelry
Designing beaded jewelry was one of my first passions, before I discovered the didgeridoo. In 1998 I began collecting beads from various places and stores, whether it be an expensive "Bead Shop", or our local Good Will, yard sales, estate sales, etc..., and over the years I have built up a stash of millions of different beads, all shapes, colors and sizes, and store them in what I call my
I have learned, through lots of experience, that almost every ugly, gaudy piece of old, or costume jewelry, has at least
Through the years, my mom and I have rescued these poor misfit strings of "ugly", and salvaged the hidden treasures.

Given my source of beads, I only have the few of each kind of cool beads that I found on one piece, to be redistributed into something beautiful, and when they're gone, they're gone, so all of my jewelry is strung in a artistically, unique manner, and you will never see another piece like any of the stuff I have made.

99% of the beads I use are either
stone (semiprecious),
organic (wood, shell, or nuts),
and metal.

Very rarily I will use plastic, but now and then, I will come across some great little plastic beads that act as the perfect color combination to really set something off, and there they go into my creations. Plastic beads seldom ever make it into the "centerpiece spot", but on the event that one should, because it's just too cool to pass up, I will be sure to note that in the listing.

I string my jewelry onto the very durable Acculon, which is a thin (.018mm), nylon coated steel cable, that absolutely will not break or rust! You have no risk of snagging your piece of jewelry onto something and having the string snap and all the beads go flying. I've lived that nightmare, and I know that it is NO FUN. The worst possible scenario would be (in the event of an extremely forcefull snag), the eye ring on the clasp may bend open and the part of the string that is looped onto it may fall off, causing your piece to drop off your body, but will never fall apart and scatter the beads. In the rare case that the clasp may separate from the end of the string, it can be easily repaird by putting the loop back onto the end of the claps and squeezing it closed.

I am the type of person who will put a piece of jewelry on, and never take it off, not through showers nor sleep, nor anything else. They are comfortable to wear with the small barrel clasps which lay smoothly against your skin, and will remain in place until you choose to remove it.

Enjoy your browsing experience!
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