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Didgeridoos by Moondrop
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Inspiring stories behind my work
Each and every piece of my art is inspired by something or the other. Sometimes I just sit down and paint, because maybe the night before I saw a color combination on a shirt on a tv show, that inspired a color combination that I would like to work with, or perhaps, I saw a pattern on a bathroom floor at a party that grabbed my attention. Sometimes I will do a custom order, and work to fullfill another's desires, and the inspirations come from the sheer need to please the customer completely.

This page is just developing, but as time goes on, and my history develops, I will have more to offer. Much of my stuff is already documented through my custom didgeridoo page, but there are a few very special stories I would like to share.

Each story will have it's own page, so click on the link provided, and enjoy!

"Once in a Blue Moon"

"Something to Remember"

"A Very Blue Tale of a Baby Red Fox"

"Barter Breeds Friendship"

A valued friendship across the miles