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Welcome to

Hi. I'm Sara J. and I am an artist from Michigan. I specialize in creating and painting beautiful windpipes, commonly known as the "Didgeridoo". I like to refer to them as "MUSICAL ART" which produces the mysterious droning sound of a didgeridoo. My "didges" are hand crafted from PVC and decorated with my heart and soul, in one of a kind designs of my very own. I put lots of TLC into my work, as I have the greatest passion for what I do! You can choose from my lower cost, PVC models, already painted, or for a bit more, you can have a custom designed "didge" made specifically for you.
Or...if you like what you see, and have a favorite didgeridoo of your own that you'd love to have me paint, send it on over! The sky's the limit, and custom "DidjArt" is my forte`! I would LOVE to paint for you.
I also have a small selection of genuine eucalyptus didgeridoos from the Australian Outback, gently "kissed" with my beautiful artwork. You can navigate through my pages with the menu bar above, or scroll down for brief descriptions of my individual categories. Also, to the right are some interesting pages relating to my own didgeridoo journey that I just like to share with others. Enjoy your visit!

HAPPY 2006!

Celebrate the new year by treating yourself to a little something special. Check out some of these great little "fun to have" treasures, like the dan mois, or printed art at my cafepress store. Or how about a nice jewelry gift set. I have two whole new pages of brand new hand strung beads. Makes sure to take a look at the new African Krobo Bead Strands!

Just for fun, be sure to check out my crazy page of Moondrop sound files!


With only one item to launch the opening, this is the birth of something new and wonderful, a didgeridoo collaboration between two very dear friends across the miles. Have a look! Much more to come, though, good things are always worth the wait.

handmade didgeridoos
Beautiful artwork on a "playable" canvas at an outstanding price! Great introductory level didges, enhanced with original, Sara J. art.

A "MUST SEE" section to visit! Here, you will see some fine examples of my artistic capabilities. Come see how I have made other's didge dreams come true.
*I have 4 pages, each representing a year, with 1 being my earliest, and 4 being my most recent work.
custom 1
custom 2
custom 3
custom 4,
custom 5
Eucalyptus didgeridoos
Genuine eucalyptus didgeridoos from the Australian Outback, painted by me.

Check out these really cool 40" didgeridoos!!! They are especially easy to learn to play on, and sound great too. Anyone can be a didgeridoo player!
Milestones and Highlights


visit my inspirations page to see some special stories behind some of my work.

Check out my visit with
David Hudson!

Year's firsts

JT Didgefest 2002
JT Didgefest 2003
JT Didgefest 2004
JT Didgefest 2005

Visit the didgefest pages to share some of my memories.

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