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Didgeridoos by Moondrop
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Comments that brought me smiles
I'd like to share a few.....

I arrived home yesterday to a very pleasant surprize. I was expecting
the didge but nothing could prepare me for the artistic beauty of it. I
just sat on the couch and stared at it! I love it. You have such a
wonderful gift. Wow what a thrill! It's fascinating to think that the
coolest didge I've ever seen in my life is actually mine! This is one of
those things you keep till you leave the earth! The end designs are so
fantastically created and the middle is a testimony to the fact that the
dreams I dream reveal "myself to me". When I unboxed it, It "glowed"
with love and care.
The guitarist, Stevie Ray Vaughn's favorite guitar was "Number one".
B.B. King had "Lucille" and Jimi Hendrix loved his "Electric Ladies".
This creation that I played a small role in developing is and will always
be my "DreamDidge".
Thank You Sara, Thank You Sara, Thank You Sara!

Peace, Love, Harmony and Inspired Creation!

Waking in a dream,


...It was an absolute hit....The love you put in it comes out in the form of
energy that all can feel...Mary just held it and said nothing for 10
minutes.....You are a GEM!!

Namaste' & Love,



Hellllllloooooo Saraaaaaaaaa : Got the didg this morning. Pure by chance, I was having a cup of coffee this morning during a short break at work , I saw a car of Fedex stopping in front of my door. Raced towards the driver. Was the fastet 100 yard I ran since years. ( heeeeelp need oxygen !!!!!!! hahahahaha). nearly tore the door from its hinges and the driver ofcourse freightend yelled at me. stupid action on my part. explained who I was and what I wanted from him. My dog went crazy and I went silent :-))) . Finally I got my didg. Trembling I opened up the package and looked at the didg. total silence still total silence I brought the didg to my mouth and tried a little drone !! Utter surprise !!!! how easy did it play. But I had to go back to work. I took the didg with me to work to show to my colleages. Even they were stunned at its beauty and lovely sound. I telephoned my girlfriend to inform her that the didg had arrived. She also , on having seen the photographs , wanted to see the didg at once. uh uh little problem. still at work. after work I visitied my girlfriend. She ripped the carryingbag from my hands to open it............ no comment. AND THAT IS VERY UNUSUALL FOR HER !!! she found the didg beautifull and asked me to play for her. just like me she found the didg a delight to hear. AND THAT MEANS A LOT COMING FROM HER !!!!!!!!!!! Her son commented : "hey dad. This one sounds exactly like on one of the cd's you have !!". On the painting I am afraid I have to watch the didg and not loose sight of it. hahahahahah ;-)) if you know what I mean here . So SARA I must congratulate you and praise you on your work. It is symply beautifull !!!!!!!!!!!!!! to me it is a masterpiece. I sincerely am happy for you and myself that you made such a wonderfull canvas. I am ...................................................... Thanks SARA !!!!!!!!!!! with every fibre of my hart and with my whole being.

hey sara I got the didj and damn, the pictures do not do it justice and the sound is awesome too. great work and thanks for your extremely talented artwork! there will come a time when I will be in need of another didj in another key and I will definetly go to you. :)

Sara, It got here Monday, sorry, haven't had a single second to get on the computer. I LOVE it! Thank you so much! It's beautiful, much better than I imagined and it plays great! Really, I cannot say enough and I would recommend you to anyone. Thanks a million for the beautiful instrument and the extremely easy deal! I will definitely not hesitate to purchase anything else of yours that catches my eye! Keep up the great work! - Clayton

The following comment is the first of many for a work in progress....
"As I opened my email for the first time this weekend I saw your first post showing the dragon' face and was very impressed with how great it looked and was going to write you and tell you how pleased I was, but then I looked further down the mail list and saw you had sent more pictures as you finished more of it. I really don't know how to express how I feel about it.... It's wonderful? it's beautiful? I didn't expect it to come out so well? I don't know how you got the picture of a flat dragon to wrap around the round didge so well? All would be short of my amazement. Well done!!!!!! I think you yourself know how good it is. I don't know if you consider it the best thing you ever did, only you know that, but I think it must be close to the best. I can't tell you how pleased I am. Thank you so much for your hard work and attention to detail. You are truly a great artist."

comments on the arrival of the Kelly Didj....

Ok, the "large crate" arrived today, but I did not want to open it right away. I moved it to the plant room, and began a short and unplanned preparatory ritual. First I showered, and then we ate some early dinner. Next, since it was such a nice 64 degree afternoon, I put out some fresh bird seed and sat in the bare garden spot contemplating the season yet to come. I played both of my Euc sticks for a while. Ok, time to open the box. A lot of screws, the packing looked good, take out the didj, unwrap it, wow! The pictures look good, but in person it is really good! Great! Awesome! Beautiful! And I almost never use exclamation marks. I start to play....YES! Booms, trills, O-E-Didar-Ta-Ta- and Toot! I don't know what else to say, except that when I saw the page on the Kelly Didj, I thought, "Man, what a lucky guy. I would sure love to have a didj like that" Hey, I do! thanks for everything, Robert

final words on the birthday portrait didj....

"....Anyway, he absolutely loves it, and we do to!! All I can say is that the pics you sent did not do's a hundred times cooler in person! I still must say that the best part of this gift was being so involved in the process itself, getting to know you, and being given the chance to watch this evolve into such an amazing final project! You are an extremely gifted person...keep doing what you do, which is making people happy!!! It's been a pleasure getting to know you--I'll certainly miss our correspondences!!!! Lots of love, Tisha and the gang"

Dear sara, thank you so much for painting such amaizing pictures. this dijie will be with me for ever. the next thing that I need painted is comeing to you, definitely! everyone I'v shown it to thinks its SO cool. I'm definitly going to the didjie fest this year and i'm hoping that you will be there. I love how the click spot is positioned perfect with the cerv. and every thing els is just the way that I pictured it. I don't think it is posible to have done a better job. when I not playing my didjeridoo I'm looking at the paintings on it. it was so fun to open it and great to have around. Thank you so much. from, Hunter

". . .Just wanted to take a sec and say hi. I had been thinking lateley of the beauty you bring into folks lives. There are holy folks all around the world who sit in caves, commune with God, meditate, and change the world for the better. Your work falls right in line with these folks. It is not just your skills that make your didges, it is your spirit. Fall is here (sort of.) Be happy, you are good for the world. Nick"

"It arrived! It looks phenomenal. I am amazed at the detail of the painting and shape. If I can't figure out how to play it, it will look great as a decoration and showpiece anyway! You really are a talented artist. I can hardly believe it's PVC because of the shape and because of the detail in the wood grain look. There's meticulous detail, and I almost don't want to play it because it seems like such a showpiece..."

Sara,apparently I broke a record for the fastest sale of one of your instruments! Within 5 minutes of you putting "Dreaming A Little Happy Into Your Life" up for sale,I scarfed it up! And for good reason,because it's a beautiful piece of artwork,packed with meaning. Thanks for selling it to me,it means a lot! Keep on creating those lovely masterpieces,they are as much a joy to look at as they are to play! Sincerely, Charles

Sara, itís here! Itís here! I totally canít believe it, as soon as I turned off my computer I was getting ready for work, and the door bell rang. My didge arrived as soon as I had just sent you that e-mail! WOW! Pictures didnít do this didge justice! It is absolutely beautiful. The art work is tremendous! Itís amazing. Not only does it look really good, but it plays awesome. I love the lower key. This didge has great back pressure, Iím circular breathing like a mad man! It takes a lot more effort to circular breathe on the smaller didges. It looks like Iím going to be really late for work today! I am SO HAPPY with this didge. I shall call you the DIDGE ART GODDESS !! Wow, I still canít believe itís here so soon! That is truly amazing, I canít believe itís here in only 3 days. I think thatís got to be some kind of e-bay record. I will be sure to leave some super positive feed back. I can not thank you enough, I really love the didge, it will definitely be treasured for a long time. As soon as I can afford an authentic eucalyptus didge, Iím mailing it straight to you for some art work. You have exceeded my greatest expectations. Thank you so much. Wow, Happy ! Mike